What is OpenGOAL?

OpenGOAL is a project to port Jak 1 (NTSC, “Black Label” version) to PC. The strategy is to match the original game as close as possible by recompiling code for x86 machines.

When will OpenGOAL be finished?

OpenGOAL’s scope is extremely large and will take some time to complete. There is no ETA on when the project will be finished, but we expect it to take multiple years.

Are you worried about legal action resulting from this project?

OpenGOAL’s source is hosted publicly on GitHub. We provide code, but no game data/assets. When the project is finished, you will still need to provide your own copy of the game to fully build the game and run it on PC. Reverse engineering has legal precedent backing its use, and we believe there is no liability risk preventing us from releasing the project under its current scope.

Will this allow for modding support on PC?

Until the project is closer to completion, we have no current answer to what extent modding support will be offered.

Will this support Jak 2/3/X/Daxter/TLF?

The current project scope is for Jak 1 only. Jak X, Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier and Daxter (PSP) all use different engine technology than the original trilogy, and likely will never be supported.

Is there anything I can do to help?

Issues are posted on GitHub for pressing work that can be completed while the long process of decompiling the game is being completed. If you’d like to contribute, please look at the guidelines and overview of the project at